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Operational Strategy Analysis & Support


A leading pharmaceutical company with multiple pre-commercial assets sought financial expertise to craft a multi-year strategic plan and operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Additionally, they required ongoing support to effectively execute these initiatives.


Our team served as strategic advisors and operational support for the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). We facilitated collaborative discussions among the executive leadership team to align on the clinical development plan, establish company-wide procedures, and evaluate short-term financial performance goals. By engaging with stakeholders across the organization, we developed a comprehensive budget for the fiscal year and a long-range plan that had wide-ranging support. Throughout the engagement, we regularly met with department and program leads to monitor ongoing expenditures against budget. We also met weekly with the COO and CFO to augment forecasts, explore development scenarios, and prepare Board of Director (BOD) presentations.


Our budget management initiates enabled the company to achieve their operating budget and first year corporate financial performance goals.  On an ongoing basis, our financial performance readouts and long-range plan scenario analyses continue to be the centerpiece of annual and quarterly presentations to the BOD and audit committee.


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