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In life sciences, value stems from revenue growth, cost optimization, and strategic maneuvers such as licensing and acquisition. But it’s about more than that. There’s intrinsic value in creating innovative solutions that save and improve lives.


We’re focused on strategic, sustainable growth that considers the unique circumstances of each client and each product. The result: a clear, confident path to enduring success.



Corporate Strategy

We are attuned to prevailing conditions, and we can help you navigate the unknowns of the biopharma, biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device markets. Our core team of experts serves as dedicated partners, delivering a tailored suite of strategies and support mechanisms to position you for accelerated, sustainable growth. 


Portfolio Strategy

Are you putting your resources behind the right product? The right issue? The right market? We provide comprehensive support for portfolio optimization, including rigorous landscape assessment, creative innovation strategies, and targeted insights.  



Product Strategy

From early market assessment and preliminary conception through execution and ongoing lifecycle administration, we deliver tailored solutions to ensure streamlined operations and optimized results. Our team is behind the development, launch, and management of industry-disrupting products from the top names in biotech, biopharma, medical devices, and more. 


Partnership Strategy

Strategic transactions, regardless of mechanism, should be driven by a clear understanding of the mutual value creation opportunities they generate. Spinnaker’s suite of capabilities is in lockstep with industry needs, offering expertise to help companies navigate and understand the value and economics associated with implementing these growth strategies in a rapidly evolving market. 


We have over 75 years of experience helping
clients navigate their life sciences strategies

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